Customized Products:
Active Ink can build a custom solution for your industry. Below you will find a sampling of some of our software products
designed to provide integrated solutions to specific industries.

Active iExam Application
Active iExam allows eye care professionals to do exams with a tablet pc and digital pen. Submit copies of the forms you use evry day to Active Ink and we can digitize them so they are easier to fill out than if they were still paper. The forms and data can then be linked into your existing EHR system. A real time saver to get rid of volumes of paper.

Active Lead Manager/ Lead Retieval Application
Starting at $699.99 (Including hardware)
Active Lead Manager gives trade show booth workers the ability to scan the badges of attendees and write individualized comments on each attendee. No more renting a scanning system each and every trade show you attend. Included are several prequalification questions to improve the quality of the lead. You can even assign the lead for follow up on the spot. If you cannot remember the name of an attendee, you can quickly find them by writing any piece of information you do remember.

Active School Meals Application
Active Ink School Meals Applications software greatly enhances the way that school districts operate their nutrition application programs. Every school district throughout the country uses paper forms that are filled out when a family seeks to qualify for the reduced price or free lunch programs of that district. And every school has staff that has to manually enter that same information into a computer database for later use. This two step process is time-consuming, cumbersome and highly inefficient. Active Ink School Meals Application software makes this process both fast and easy by allowing the hand written information to be converted to text instantly and saved in the school's database with a single step. Increased efficiency and productivity are the natural consequences of utilizing this software for school districts nationwide.

Active Law
Active Law is software that greatly simplifies the way legal professionals handle a busy case load. All the commonly used legal forms have been created into their digital equivalent and these E forms can be filled out with greatly improved ease and efficiency relative to how this is currently done by legal professionals. The convenience of gathering client information and never having to enter it into a computer data base again, as it can be converted to text and later used for emails, or imported into other programs such as Quick Books, is unparalleled in today's legal software options.

Active Law makes keeping track of billable hours, time slips and client billing a greatly simplified process as well. Even time spent waiting in court can be productive as the attorney can use the tablet PC as if it were a legal pad, and can write down notes that can be converted to text and saved into a client's file, or by filling out any number of the digitized legal forms that are always available. Active Law has so many applications that it will revolutionize the way your legal office does just about everything. See (link for demo) for a demo of Active Law in action!

Active Physical Therapist
Active PT is designed specifically for the needs of Physical Therapist. It integrates scheduling, documentation and billing into a complet records management solution. Things like creating appointments, generating daily notes and processing insurance claim forms are a breeze. Other physical therapy applications boast reducing documentation time by 10 to 25 percent, but still require you to manually type the data into your application. Active PT incorporates the tablet PC into the documentation process and eliminates the step of having to retype the data later on.

Active PT comes standard with a set of templates to help you document your encounter. If you don't like the standard templates, you can create your own. You can also incorporate drawings, voice recordings, pictures and videos into the patient's chart.

Active Service Manager
The Service Manager is a packaged solution for field service professionals. It automates the process of filling out forms, capturing signatures and transmiting forms back and forth to the home office.

The forms have been programmed to auto-populate cutomer name, part number and pricing information and will automatcally generate an invoice in QuickBooks once the form has been filled out.

The Service Manager includes several service oriented forms to choose from and makes integration with Quickbooks a breeze. It can also be modified to meet your needs.

Do-It-Yourself Developer Products:
Below you will find a sampling of some of our software tools designed for developers who already have an advanced understanding of how to implement e-forms in their own organizations.

Click image for closeup view Click image for close-up

NEW! -- Form Designer Professional -- Version 8.0
The latest version 8.0 release of Form Designer maintains its position as the premier form building tool for creating electronic forms and converting paper documents into Active Ink forms. What makes an Active Ink form unique, is that it mirrors the look and feel of a paper document and supports both pen input and handwriting recognition.

An Active Ink form incorporates all of the advantages of an electronic form in that they can be saved and retrieved, emailed, printed, exported as a PDF document and saved to a database.

The Form Designer enables you to create text fields, check boxes, drop down lists and signature fields. Once the form has been created, you can switch into Form Filling mode and use your pen or keyboard to fill it out. The Form Designer can be installed on a PC workstation or tablet PC and supports the Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 operating systems.

New for Version 8.0 are the following improved and added features:

* - New Support for Touch-Screen Devices. Active digitizer no longer necessary, you can now use the FF or FD on many touch-screen devices running Windows 7 such as the Active Ink Scribe and HP Slate 500. (Check with us on compatibility with your device.)

* - Improved navigation between pages. Ability to name each page and quickly jump to each page instead of scrolling through all pages.

* - Learning Fields. Ability to have fields remember what was written in them before and pull that information up again.

* - Batch Processing. Process multiple forms automatically. Save, send, import, export all of your files at predetermined intervals.

* - Short-Cuts. Write only a few letters or an acronym of your desired text and translate that into your pre-defined words, sentences, or even paragraphs.

* - Hover Pictures and Tool Tips. Hover over a field and get instructions on how to fill it out or get extra information. You can even have images pop up when hovering.

* - Auto Form Append. Select template forms from the library and add them automatically to the open form.

* - Auto carry data. Once you have entered data into one field on a form (i.e. “Patient Name”), every field on every form with the same field name can receive the same data automatically pushed onto it.

* - Improved designer tools.

* - Text “Fit to box”. For situations when you want justified text options.

* - New Field types. Barcode Field, Use a built-in barcode scanner to scan data directly into the fields on the form. Each time you scan, it fill the next field automatically.

* - New Script Commands for FTP, Email, Word Integration, Excel Integration, etc.

* - Active Links. Link to pictures, web pages, documents, video, sound files and more right from your ink-enabled templates

* - Picture Linker. Point to a directory and display all the pictures in the directory on the form. Great for inspectors.

* - Timer. Record how long you have been working on a form. Great for tracking billable hours.

New! -- Form Filler Client Software -- Version 8.0
The Form Filler Client Software is the program that gets deployed on each tablet PC and is used for filling out the Active Ink forms created by the Form Designer program above. Data can be entered using either a digital pen or a keyboard and Form Filler supports all the handwriting recognition capabilities of the tablet PC.

Once the form has been filled out, it can be saved as an electronic document and retrieved at a later time. It can be emailed to others, exported to other applications and saved to a database.

The Form Filler can be installed on any PC workstation or Tablet PC and supports the Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 operating systems.

As the sister product of Active Ink's Form Designer program, all of the new version 8.0 features that we could transpose into Form Filler have been updated. Most important of these Version 8.0's support for many touch-screen tablets! It is no longer necessary to use an active-digitizing tablet to run Form Filler! Many of the new, lower-priced, multi-touch tablets, such as our new Active Ink Scribe tablet and HP's new Slate 500 can run Form Filler and Form Designer without difficulty. (Check with us before you buy your multi-touch tablet, because not all manufacturers are building their machines to a standard we support.)

Active Ink Software Development Kit (SDK)
$ - Contact Tech Sales
Active Ink SDK is a software development tool for 3rd party software companies that want to launch an Active Ink form from within their application.

Software Developers can build Active Ink forms for data gathering purposes and then save the data directly into their application.

Programmers can interface to their application using Visual Basic, C++ or Java development languages.

Custom Designed Hardware Products:

New! -- Active Ink "SCRIBE" Tablet PC
Starting at only $899 with Form Filler v.8.0 included!
Active Ink is pleased to announce the release of its first branded tablet PC. Dubbed the "Scribe", this compact convertible device sports a 10.1" multi-touch screen inside a tough, rubberized shell. It is the first tablet PC to be configured to our exacting specifications and be bundled with our software products. It also boasts the following features.

• Intel® Atom N450 1.66Ghz
• 1GB DDR2
• 160GB Hard Drive
• Windows 7 Home or Pro, Active Ink Form Filler and Active Ink Form Designer can be ordered as optional included upgrades.
• Microsoft Office Starter standard, optional upgrades to other versions of MS Office.
• 10.1” 1024 x 600 color touch-screen LCD, optional 1366 x 768 hi-res screen.
• 10 / 100M Ethernet
• 802.11 b/g/n WLAN, optional built-in 3G modem.
• Water Resistant Keyboard
• 2 Button Touch Pad
• 6-cell battery, up to 6 hours of battery life, AC Adapter
• Integrated 2 channel audio
• 10.4 x 7.7 x 1.5 in. / 3.5 lbs.
• 2 x USB / 1 SD Slot / 1 VGA Port
• 1.3 Megapixel Rotating Webcam
• Full 1 year factory warranty, upgradeable to 3 yrs.

Contact your sales rep to configure your customized Scribe today!